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FIRST CHS Greater DC Event #1 Day #2

To Corvus or not to Corvus? That is not the question, as the clear answer is to Corvus. For the first time in a couple years, the Power Hawks robot was truly a force to be reckoned with. We played 10 qualification matches, finishing with a record of 7-3, and the highest average points for the autonomous period at 12.6 points, with the second highest being 9.8 points. After the qualification matches, we held the third seed. We ended up being drafted by the first seed, the Robo Lions. The third team of the alliance ended up being 2186, the Dogs of Steel. As the first seeded alliance for the playoffs, we were guaranteed to be on the red alliance throughout playoffs. After sweeping the 4th seed in the semifinals, we were to play the second seeded team. We swept the second seed in the finals and secured the regionals win!

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