FRC Team 1111 Robots

2022: Rapid React

Our most recent robot, Corvus, was designed for the 2022 game Rapid React ®. In which it used its clever vision system to line up shots to get the balls into the high goal. We swept our competition, ending at rank 3, and winning the event after being chosen by the 1st seed. Additionally, for this event, we won the Chairman's Award. Following suit in the next event, ending in first place, we also won after the finals against alliance 3. In this event, we also won the Autonomous award. With triple banners flying high, we qualified to compete in the Chesapeake District Championships.

2020: Infinite Recharge

Cygnus was our robot designed for the 2020 game, Infinite Recharge®, in which Cygnus used its intake system to index balls to the shooter, to shoot balls to the upper goal and fly high. Though this robot's main season was cut short, it got a special re-appearance at the Battle of Baltimore off-season event.


2019: Deep Space

Hippogryph was our robot designed for the 2019 game, Deep Space ®. In which Hippogryph used its system to pick up hatch panels and thrived against the competition. Hippogryph received a well-earned spot at District Champs.

Peregrine ready to fire.jpe

2018: Power Up

Peregrine was our robot designed for the 2018 game, Power Up®, used its fast moving wheels to shoot milk crates onto scales. Peregrine's speed and maneuverability are what allowed it to be a strong competitor and rise above the other robots in the 2018 competition,giving it a well earned spot at District Champs.

2017 Phoenix.jpg

Phoenix was our robot designed for the 2017 game, FIRST® Steamworks. It started off strong in our first district event at Bethesda, leaving spectators in awe. This was a catalyst in earning a solid place amongst the ranks of the district and making it into the semi-finals against stellar  matches, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. At the Northern Maryland event, Phoenix earned its rank as one the Power Hawks' best robots. Coupled with a phenomenal drive team and alliance, Phoenix rose from the ashes of our defeat the week before and toppled the competition - earning first place in the event, districts, and our hearts. Phoenix soared to success at District Championships and has earned a well-deserved spot at the venerable World Championships in St. Louis where it competed with teams from all around the world!


Griffin, designed for the 2016 game Stronghold, used its sturdy front arm and powerful launching mechanism to rise above the competition. Speed and maneuverability were crucial design features that allowed Griffin to be competitive, while still allowing it to be a fierce ally. Griffin won second place alliance at its second regional competition before moving onto the state competition. On the back of the Engineering Inspiration Award, the Power Hawks Robotics Team won the Team Spirit award with the valiant cheer heard every time Griffin entered the field.


The ironically named TowerHawk originates from the 2015 game Recycle Rush. Utilizing its custom 3-D printed hooks and powerful two can grabber in autonomous, Our towering robot made a valiant effort in the Troy, NY regional and set Power Hawk records in the Newton field during the Championship. Propelled by our Chairman’s win and the unified team spirit, TowerHawk represents the intertwined, complex connections that allow our team to prosper and our imposing, spirited presence in the stands!

Merlin was created for the Aerial AssistSM challenge in 2014. His main objective was to launch yoga balls over a truss with a built-in catapult while also having the capability to catch launched balls. Merlin’s speed and maneuverability are what allowed it to be a very effective team player and rise above other robots in the 2014 competition. Merlin won 12 straight games at our first regional.


NightHawk was our contender for Ultimate AscentSM in 2013. Although it was not our most successful robot, it could climb poles and aim with a camera. The flying disc launching mechanism jammed occasionally, disabling most of its offensive ability, which meant it spent a good deal of time as a defensive robot. 


Havik was made for the Rebound RumbleSM in 2012. Its task was to pick up foam basketballs and launch them into hoops at three different heights. There were also three seesaws located in the middle of the field that a robot could balance on for additional points. Havik’s six wheel drive-train allowed it to make tighter turns and was able to switch from high to low gears. Havik is now our demo bot, showcasing FIRST and rocking a nice paint job. It does have a habit of eating those foam basketballs, though!


Raptortron was our robot for LogomotionSM in 2011. No further information currently available. 


2010: Breakaway

Aves was our robot for BreakawaySM in 2010. No further information currently available. 

Hawkbot Mk. II.jpe

2009: Lunacy

Hawkbot MK II was our robot for LunacySM in 2009. No further information currently available. 


Hawkbot was our robot for FIRST OverdriveSM in 2008. No further information currently available. 

Heavy Metal.jpe

Heavy Mettle was our robot for Rack ‘n RollSM in 2007. It was made so all 3 alliance members could climb. No further information currently available. 


2006: Aim High

Pedro was our robot for Aim HighSM in 2006. No further information currently available. 

Deeper Thought was our robot for Triple PlaySM in 2005. No further information currently available. 

Deep Thought was our robot for FIRST Frenzy: Raising the BarSM in 2004. No further information currently available. 

Sparky was our robot for Stack AttackSM in 2003. Sparky got his name because his capabilities were limited to sitting on the floor and sparking. No further information currently available. 

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