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Updated: Nov 17

Every year, the Power Hawks Robotics team has the honor and privilege of holding a craft fair for local vendors. The purpose of this event is to nurture small businesses and crafters who wish to sell their products to the community. Not only does this annual event help promote vendors, but it also helps support our team. If you have any desire to participate in this experience, you can contact the Power Hawks by using the form available below. Additionally, you can email our team through craftfair@powerhawks.org for any questions.

The craft fair will be held on Saturday, November 19, 2022 from 9:00 am-5:00 pm at South River High School. Please come down and sell or shop! We hope to see you there!

Registration is past due and no longer open. We still hope to see you there as a shopper!

2022 Fall Craft Fair Application
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"Did it again and did it again" - Baby Keem. The Power Hawks placed first at our second districts-level competition, with Corvus outperforming itself. We played 10 qualification matches, finishing with a record of 9-1, and the highest average points per match at 32.8 points. For the first time in years, we held the first seed going into alliance selection, ultimately selecting team 449 and team 116. As the first seeded team, we were on the red alliance throughout the playoffs, where we did not lose a single game, and secured the win!

Updated: Mar 18

The Covid-19 Pandemic truly hurt every single robotics team, and affected us as well. Despite this immense setback, the Power Hawks stayed dedicated to impacting the community, and it paid off. The Power Hawks won the 2022 Chairman's award for the Greater DC district. After hard work through staying active in the community, Chairman's is ours to claim!