FTC Greater DC Qualifier

This past weekend, Power Hawks FTC Teams 3583 Cybirds, 3796 Talons, and 5178 Mech Hawks killed it at their first qualifier! Special thanks to Walt Whitman High School for hosting such an awesome event!

Finishing 13th was team 5178 the Mech Hawks; 3796 Talons finished 4th, and was chosen by the #1 seed alliance to compete in the semi-finals; last but not least, 3583 Cybirds finished 8th, and was selected by the #4 seed alliance to win the semi-finals, and compete in the finals!

At the end of the day, Cybirds cleaned up with 3rd place for the Motivate, Rockwell Collins Innovate, Connect, and Think awards, and ultimately winning the Inspire Award, securing a spot for the Cybirds at the Maryland State Championships on March 3rd 2019!!!

See all three AMAZING FTC teams in action on January 19th 2019 at the Montgomery Co. Qualifier!


2017-18 Build Season Blog Post 3: Final Countdown to Competition!


Hello Power Hawks Fans! My name is Cole, and my position on the team is Fabrication Captain and Driver. Wrapping up the final week of build season through thick and thin, we have finally (almost) completed our robot, Peregrine. Now that our robot is all wired up and operational we have begun our testing phase for autonomous and teleop.

Once our bumpers and climber mechanism are finalized and mounted we will soon install our hawk-some looking graphics to our side panels with custom LED lights. It is absolutely breathtaking to see real evidence of our hard work, long hours and dedication to create one of the most amazing robots I have ever seen!


2017-18 Build Season Blog Post 2

Hey Everyone! My name is Evelyn, I am on our graphics sub-team on the Power Hawks. Build season is almost over and everything is coming to a wrap. Our robot, Peregrine, is almost complete. Along with our build side and all the components of our robot, business is also getting everything done on our check-list. This year we designed our new flag and are resizing some of our pit banners. Our Chairman's Presenters are also doing a hawk-some job getting ready for competition season while working with the video, photo, and graphics sub-teams. Everyone working together is so awesome as we come to the end of build season!

2017-18 Build Season Blog Post 1 - Mid Season Update

Hi Power Hawks supporters! I'm Kyle, part of fabrication, and am excited to share our current state of our robot! Currently, we have spent many days working as a team to develop three parts of the robots: A scoring mechanism, the climber, and our drive train! Every day, members of build team are excited and ready to work, taking every opportunity to play their role in building our robot. Currently, we are entering into our first "Super Weekend", a weekend where we meet daily to continue our productivity through multiple days. 

A group in Fabrication, working on the scoring mechanism, is currently working with Controls to create code that will control the mechanism; Other groups of Fabrication have also met up and communicated the attachment of two other mechanisms, the climber and the drive train. Our entire build team-- Fabrication, Controls, and Design -- are all working hard to help us to succeed in our competitions.


Off Season Blog Post 1 - Ramp Riot!

Hi Power Hawk fans! My name is Jacob and I am part of the Public Relations sub-team on the Power Hawks. To start preparing for our build season, we are going to the Ramp Riot competition on Saturday! Power Hawks will be attending the event along with our colleagues; Team 6326, The Baltimore Bolts and Team 888; The Robotiators. We will collaborate and support our fellow Chesapeake teams and other FIRST® Robotics teams by increasing our knowledge and experience through competition inspired challenges! We hope that all FIRST Robotics teams attending the event learn skills and abilities that will improve their overall performance and effectiveness in upcoming competitions.


Build Season Blog Post 4 - Robot Send Off!

Hi fans of the Power Hawks! My name is Shannon. I am a programmer on the team and help to run our social media accounts. On the last Saturday of Build Season, the Power Hawks hold an annual robot send off where we showcase all the wonderful work we’ve done over the past six weeks. It’s an awesome event and everyone always has a great time. Getting to see Phoenix driven by the drive team and our Chairman’s team present is always a fun time, and this year was no different.

This year, we also continued a tradition from last year, making our send off day a Power Hawk holiday called Everyone Gets a Pigtail Day. Every person on our team with even a little bit of hair on their heads got a set of pigtails to sport. You could feel the joy emanating from people during the stressful time of the last few days of build season as people took a short break from working to get their hair done up by our pigtail team. It was a fun time for everyone involved, capped off with a selfie of a bunch of the team members sporting their new dos.

pigtail day.jpg

Build Season Blog Post 3: Build Sub Team

Hi everyone, my name is Emily, I am on the fabrication part of the Power Hawks robotics team. So since build season has started, the build sub team has been continuously busy. For fabrication we have completed both chassis, we have already come up with a specific design  for the shooting mechanism, the climber, the intake system and the gear mechanism. 

The controls part of this sub team, has been working on vision and perfecting it, as well as creating code for the autonomous part of the game. They have also been working on creating the electrical components for both chassis. Design has been working with fabrication to help prototype and CAD part of the robots.


Controls explaining what they are doing to a fabrication member

Controls explaining what they are doing to a fabrication member

Fabrication members working on the prototype for our gear mechanism

Fabrication members working on the prototype for our gear mechanism

Build Season Blog Post 2 - Chairman's!

Hello Power Hawks fans! My name is Jenna, COO of the Power Hawks. Now that build season is in full swing, so is the preparation for our largest awards presentation: Chairman's! Chairman's is the most prestigious award given by FIRST to the team who best represents the organization's ideals. In order to prepare for our presentation that we give at competitions, our awards team prepares a script which our Chairman's presentation team memorizes and practices non-stop until presentation day. The Power Hawks work tirelessly to emulate FIRST's ideals and, even if we do not win the award, hope that we make a difference in our community and worldwide! Our Chairman's team (Daquan, Cori, and Helen) are seen in the photo below rehearsing their scripts with last year's award graphic.

Build Season Blog Post 1- Super Weekend

Hi! My name is Taylor and I am the Business Director of the Power Hawks! This weekend is what our team likes to call a "Super Weekend"- a period of time from Friday to Monday in which we meet daily, and do not have to worry about clean up at the end of each day. This is one of our most productive weekends throughout build season, and so far it's shaping up to be extremely beneficial! Business has completed multiple graphics for our pit, and our awards team has been collaborating with our video team to film an amazing Chairman's video. With two days left of our Super Weekend, there is still a great deal of progress our team can make, both on build and business.

Stevie, a member of our video team, is working hard on editing our Chairman's video.

Stevie, a member of our video team, is working hard on editing our Chairman's video.

Mark and Ryan, two members of our drive team for this season, continue prototyping in the shop.

Mark and Ryan, two members of our drive team for this season, continue prototyping in the shop.