The Talons

Last Season's Recaps

The Talons struggled during their first qualifier, capturing the anchor position in the rankings (i.e., “dead last”) which did not sit well with the team.  Returning to the shop with a new-found drive and just two short evening sessions to work, the team went all in, tearing down the machine, rebuilding and rewiring major subsystems based on the lessons hard-learned the weekend before.  Arriving at the second qualifier with their machine in four pieces they attached still incomplete corrections to the robot just to get it through inspection.  They brought it back to the pit to finish the job between heats as the competition proceeded.  By Noon the Talons were in the hunt, dependably shooting balls into the goal during autonomous and driver controlled play, and taking command in the beacon battle with their newly-found, nearly-doubled speed on the floor.  Talons finished in the middle of the rankings.  With a special invitation to the state championships, The Talons won several heats and finished in the middle of a very talented pack of competitors.

Team Captain:

  • Tony

Build Captain:

  • Austin

Programming Captain:

  • Joseph

Build Team: 

  • Dylan
  • Patrick
  • Corey
  • Kyle
  • Joseph
  • Samuel 

Programming Team:

  • Chase

Engineering Notebook and Build: 

  • Calla
  • Palko
  • Olivia
  • Jack

Adult Mentors:

  • John Edwards
  • Andrew Wolf
  • John "Jack" Harrison
  • Patrick Maslar