Sub Teams - Business


The finance sub team is responsible for the team's finances and budget. They ensure that the build season stays on-budget and that appropriate funds are raised. This sub team generally has 2-3 members who all contribute to this vital aspect of the team.

Students gain valuable experience in using Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets, talking to professionals in an appropriate manner. Though it is recommended to have at least some experience, we teach those skills so that the student will have them for the rest of their lives.

One of the most beneficial responsibilities that I have is professionally corresponding with corporations and government agencies. I have taken these skills and applied them to my professional career to great effect.

Public Relations (PR): 

The PR sub team is responsible for everything that the public sees. This includes videos, pictures, banners, t-shirts, and even this website. They have to conform to the brand standards of the team and make sure that all content is appropriate for publication. PR usually has around 10 members that are divided into picture and video, website, and awards. 

The different skills necessary for each field of PR vary according to their respective duties, but every student will receive the necessary training and guidance to excel in their field. The students will be exposed to program like Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Illustrator, Squarespace, and Adobe Premiere. Many students take these new skills into the real world with them and use them to bolster their resumes or explore a new hobby.

I had never designed a website before, however, being on the website team of PR means that I can learn valuable life skills I can apply in both hobby and corporate situations.


The events sub team consists of around 3 members and is responsible for planning all of our venues and dining arrangements for competitions. They are also responsible for applying to our competitions and making sure that any hotels that members stay at on overnight trips are safe and affordable.

The events team teaches students how to be the best organizers possible. Students will gain invaluable experience coordinating with other sub teams and planning every detail of our events, both home and away. They quickly learn how to create an itinerary and balance both quality and the available budget to ensure that our events are as amazing as possible.

I have always had trouble researching topics and finding the best prices. However, being on events has immensely helped me find the right way to balance between quality and price.