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What in the World Have We Been Doing?

The Power Hawks FRC Team 1111 has been hard at work, even with collaborating being as hard as ever due to the current circumstances not allowing the team to meet in-person. So far this year, the Power Hawks have assembled a team, connected team members to each other, kept the team engaged, and began to work on the tasks provided to us by FIRST. Assembling a team was already difficult because of the high concentration of seniors in the team last year that had to depart, getting together a team online with a shortage of returning members proved to be difficult, but the Power Hawks got it done. The Power Hawks got into their respective departments and started working as soon as possible on what they could do to benefit the team the most. Over the course of the last year, it has been a major struggle to keep the team engaged whilst being fully virtual but The Power Hawks minimize this struggle by hosting events like the Student Led Workshops and keeping our meetings consistently scheduled. During Power Hawks meetings, we split into our departments and got to working on outreach and game design. The Power Hawks effort to make our meets physical has finally paid off, we just had our first hybrid meeting this year and we’re hoping there are many more productive meetings to come.

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