Power Hawks Robotics Club, Inc

ABout the power hawks robotics club

Power Hawks Robotics Club, Inc (PHRC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining the FRC® Team 1111, the Power Hawks; the FTC® Team 3583, the Power Hawks; Team 3796, the Talons; and Team 5178 the Mech Hawks; and FLL® teams, 1211 the Brick Hawks, the Power Cobras; 2435 the Striking Cobras; and team 2434 the Cobra Critters. The PHRC is run by a Board of Directors who control the large scale behind-the-scenes work that is necessary for running so many successful teams.

Power Hawks Robotics Club Board Of Directors

  • Ronny Ashley (President)

  • Steve Pennell (Vice President) 

  • John Edwards (Vice President) 

  • William Bailey (Chairman) 

  • Marilee Neff (Secretary)

  • Florida Hendricks (Treasurer)  

  • Richard Chapman, Jr. (Voting Member)

  • Pete Kruszon (Associate Member)

  • Michelle Phibbons (Associate Member) 

  • Kathy Kelly (Associate Member)

  • Rick Smith (Associate Member)