The Power Hawks Robotics Club

ABout the power hawks robotics club

The Power Hawks Robotics Club (PHRC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining the FRC® team 1111 the Power Hawks, the FTC® teams 3583 the Power Hawks, 3796 the Talons, and 5178 the Mech Hawks and FLL® teams, 1211 the Brick Hawks, -- the Power Cobras, 2435 the Striking Cobras, and team 2434 the Cobra Critters. The PHRC is run by a Board of Directors who control the large scale behind-the-scenes work that is necessary for running so many successful teams.

Power Hawks Robotics Club Board Of Directors

Richard Chapman, Jr. (President)

Richard “Dink” Chapman, has been with the Power Hawks for eleven years. In addition to his own career as IT Director at the Executive Residence at the White House, Mr. Chapman devotes his time and energy after work toward mentoring FIRST® robotics. Mr. Chapman has encouraged FRC® Team 1111 student members to spread their wings, share their knowledge, and become mentors themselves. Mr. Chapman also serves as president of the 501c3 non-profit Power Hawks Robotics Club, Incorporated which promotes and secures funds for FIRST Robotics programs within Anne Arundel County.

William Bailey (Chairman) 

Mr. Bailey joined the Power Hawks Robotics Inc. Board of Directors in 2015. He has also been a Power Hawks Robotics FTC® mentor since 2013. Prior to joining the Power Hawks, he mentored a FLL® team for one season and several Destination Imagination teams over the course of three years. Mr. Bailey is a STEM professional and enjoys working with students to dream, achieve and soar while building competition robots.

Steve Pennell (Vice President) 

Mr. Pennell has been a mentor with FIRST for five years. He has mentored with both the FRC and the FTC teams. He helps students design, build and repair the robots. He also spearheaded our very successful concessions at the Power Hawks home FRC competition and FLL Qualifier.

John Edwards (Vice President) 

Mr. Edwards has three sons on the Power Hawks, and has been mentoring FTC and FRC teams since 2014.  He was invited to join the Board of Directors in 2015 and became Vice President in 2016. He's chosen to focus on the large scale architectural concepts in the design and build process, youth development and leadership training, and volunteer recruiting!

Florida Hendricks (Treasurer)  

Ms. Hendricks has been the PHRC Treasurer since September 2014. As the Treasurer, she is in charge of filing the organizations tax reporting requirements, assists in keeping the organization up to date on insurance, and government compliance requirements. 

Pete Kruszon (Volunteer Coordinator)

Mr. Kruszon has been a mentor with FIRST for two years.  He mentors the Power Hawks helping students build and repair robots for competition.  He has also been improving mentor recruitment for the Power Hawks.

Michelle Phibbons (Secretary) 

Ms. Phibbons has been a mentor with the Power Hawks for three years.  She records minutes at all PHRC Board of Directors meetings.  She also mentors the business area of the Power Hawks.  One of her greatest joys is baking goodies for the team.

Ronny Ashley (Associate Member)

Mr. Ashley has been a mentor with FIRST for three years.  He mentors the Power Hawks helping students build and repair robots for competition. Has helped mentor both control and fab sub teams. He has two children on the team and is a retired member of the US army.

Kathy Kelly (Associate Member)

Ms. Kelly was a mentor with the Power Hawks for four years.  She aided in the programming of the robot on the Power Hawks. She is a member of the IT team for the AACPS Board of Education.

Rick Smith (Associate Member)

Mr. Smith has mentored the Power Hawks and volunteered with FIRST for seven years.  He helps the students design, build and repair the robots for the Power Hawks.  He frequently volunteers as Lead Robot Inspector at FRC and FTC competitions.