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Our team is divided into six subteams in two different categories, build and business. This system creates an ideal distribution of skills for the team's forty-plus members that cover all aspects of a team's function from designing, programming, and building the actual robot to managing the finances, public view, and events.

Executive LEadership

The executive leadership of the Power Hawks is responsible for handling the big picture of their respective groups. They are also in charge of maintaining the morale of the team and ensuring that every aspect of the team functions efficiently and properly. 

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SubTeam leadership

The leadership of each subteam is responsible for communicating with the executive leadership and ensuring that their team members are doing their job in a safe, appropriate, and efficient manner.

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Business subteams

The business subteams are responsible for managing their respective jobs on the team. These subteams make up about half of the Power Hawks and ensure that the infrastructure for a successful season is in place.

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build subteams

The build subteams are responsible for managing their respective parts on the robot. These teams are the backbone of the Power Hawks and always strive to create as impressive of a robot as possible.

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What good would a robotics team be without its robots? The time and the amount of work that go into these robots is an incredible source of pride for our team and we are pleased to share them with you.

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