The Power Hawks are always looking for Mentors! 

The Power Hawks Robotics Club takes pride in providing our students with a wide array of life skills.  This isn’t just about building robots.  The Power Hawks do business development, fundraising, project management, team leadership, and yes, how to tighten screws and cut metal.  Our students are smart and motivated, but they need your help to learn!  You know more than you think! 

Power Hawks will provide you with the support and the training you need to contribute to one of the most rewarding things you will ever do in your life.  We need mentors to teach students how to run meetings, how to manage task lists, how to design the curriculum for a little kids’ summer day camp, and yes, how to design, build and program a real-live robot.  Power Hawks Mentors often stay years after their kids have graduated, becoming invested in the students in the program, and enjoying the time they spend with the team.  You may come in to teach kids how to write a fund-raising letter, but you may come out knowing how to set pop-rivets!  The friends and skills you find at the Power Hawks Robotics Club will last you a lifetime!

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