The Power Hawks

Last Season's Recaps

The Power Hawks decided early to take a simple straightforward approach to the most dependable points on the field.  Their efforts paid big dividends.  The first robot to go into field testing, their shooter was as dependable as the day is long and their ball feeder used no moving parts whatsoever – a simple gravity feed that dropped balls one at a time into the launch chamber in a just-in-time fashion.  The Power Hawks’ robot proved incredibly dependable and provided service not just in competition but as a demo bot at the FLL® Event held at South River High School prior to going into competition.  At her second qualifier Power Hawks’ robot performed her chosen tasks with élan, finishing ranked 5th and the giving the team the opportunity to command the 4th place alliance.  She defeated her teammates Mech Hawks in the semi-final round of competition, one that left our team parents baffled over who to cheer for.   Through determination they won the Judge's Award, through superior play they won a ticket to the state championships and finished as a finalist of a very challenging field of competitors.

Team Captain:

  • Joseph

Build Captain:

  • Amanda

Programming Captain:

  • Elijah

Build Team:

  • Zachary
  • Zachery
  • Kennady
  • Josh
  • Andrew
  • Brian

Programming Team:

  • Andrew
  • Zachary 

Engineering Notebook and Build:

  • Suzanne
  • Jordan
  • Adriana


  • Richard “Dink” Chapman
  • Pierce Leonberger
  • Rachel Leonberger
  • Steve Pennel
  • Jeanne Yang