South County Showdown

What is the South County Showdown?

The Power Hawks Organization have hosted the annual South County Showdown FIRST Lego League (FLL) Qualifier at South River High School for over 8 eight years. Over 20 teams for a total of approximately 200 students from Maryland, ages 9 to 14 compete in this competition and all of the proceeds go towards the team. Starting in 2017, pre-COVID, the qualifier also included an FTC® competition. This is one of the biggest fundraisers for the Power Hawks and every team member is essential to making the event run smoothly. The entire team always does their best to ensure that every child has a fantastic and memorable time while exploring, learning, innovating and competing in the cutting-edge world of robotics using hands-on engagement teamwork at our event, and every year we have always received positive feedback from the participating children.



Participants use LEGO pieces to build autonomous robots in order to complete challenges. These challenges change every year, released by FIRST® and based off of scientific topics in the real world. Challenges are made up of three parts: the Robot Game, the Project, and the Core Values. For the Project, participants identify a problem and develop a solution. In the Robot Game, participants program autonomous robots to score points on a playing field matching game's theme for that season. The Core values guide the participants through the entire process, during which they are exposed to STEM principles.


City Shaper

The game for this year was City Shaper, which revolved around problems that someone could face when building a city and how they can be solved. These problems include moving a swing set, and building a building, a tree house and more. Going into the game, teams had to consider all of these possible problems, how to fix them, and what city planers would need for building.


Teams begin by identifying a problem they want to solve and conducting research on the topic. They will then design an innovative solution for that problem that involves either improving upon or using preexisting features in a new way, or inventing something new to solve the problem. Teams then consider how their solution could become a reality, and create a five minute presentation (including set up) for judges.

Robot Game

During the Robot Game, teams create, program,and test robots to complete a set of missions. Robots are built using LEGO MINDSTORMS and operate autonomously. On the fields, teams had two and a half minutes to complete as many challenges as possible to rack up as many points as they could before the clock ran out.

Core Values

Participants create a poster about the Core Values that guide them throughout the game process. The Core Values include:

  • Discovery: Exploring new skills and ideas.

  • Innovation: Using creativity and persistence to solve problems.

  • Impact:  Applying what we learn to improve our world.

  • Inclusion: Respecting each other and embracing our differences.

  • Teamwork: Being stronger when we work together.

  • Fun: Enjoying and celebrating what we do

2019 Results coming soon! For now, here are the 2018 South County Showdown Results








Event Champion & Global Innovation Nominee

Core Values 1st Place & Robot Performance 1st Place

Core Values 1st Place & Robot Performance 1st Place

Project Award 1st Place

Project Award 2nd Place

Robot Design 1st Place

Robot Design 2nd Place

Advanced to State