FIRST Chesapeake District Greater DC Event #2 Day #2

Event Description

    The Greater DC Event was hosted at Old Banneker High school. There were 17 teams present for competition. 

Our Performance

    Flying even higher, the Power Hawks placed first at our second districts-level competition, with Corvus outperforming itself. We played 10 qualification matches, finishing with a record of 9-1, and the highest average points per match at 32.8 points. For the first time in years, we held the first seed going into alliance selection, ultimately selecting FRC team 449, the Blair Robot Project, and FRC team 116, Epsilon Delta. As the first seeded team, we were on the red alliance throughout the playoffs, where we did not lose a single game, and secured the win!

Our Awards

    Autonomous: During our Week 2 day 2 competition, we were awarded autonomous. At competition, during autonomous our robot scored a 4 balls in the upper goal, additionally our human player was able to score a point, for a total of a 5 ball auto. We have not won an autonomous award since 2019 and our team is honored to be given this award.