Executive Leadership


Chief Executive Officer (CEO): 

The CEO is the leader of the entire Power Hawks organization. This person is responsible for maintaining a positive working environment for the total program, being a liaison to the school system, and maintaining the overall big picture of the team. They work to ensure the team is always moving forward and pushing the student leaders and mentors to encourage the full potential out of every Power Hawks member.

Our current CEO is Daquan, a senior at our host school who has been with the FIRST organization for 6 years and with the Power Hawks team for 2 years. Last year, he was the team's COO and under the tutelage of his CEO, he obtained his current position and has positively contributed and influenced every aspect of the team's operation. After he graduates, he plans to attend college majoring in computer science and taking classes in preparation for medical school.


Chief Operations Officer (COO): 

The COO is the Robin to the CEO's Batman. They are responsible for assisting the CEO in their duties and acting as the CEO when necessary. The COO works more closely with the Power Hawks' members and mentors than the CEO but still maintains an important role in keeping the big picture of the team on track.

Our current COO is Jenna, a junior at our host school. She has been with FIRST and the Power Hawks for 2 years and over that time has made numerous friends and positively impacted every aspect of the team. Last year, she was an essential member of our graphics team (being the only one on it). This year, she wants to make sure that everybody has a fantastic time on the Power Hawks and learns at least one skill.


Business Director (BD): 

The BD is responsible for managing the business side of the Power Hawks. They maintain the business schedule ensuring that all of the deadlines for awards entries, events scheduling, financial planning, and public relations are met. They also act as a liaison between the CEO and COO and their constituents so that any task that needs to be performed is done so quickly and efficiently.

Dove, Taylor (1).jpg

Our current BD is Taylor. She is a junior at our host school and has been with FIRST and the Power Hawks for 2 years. Last year, she was the leader of our awards sub team and made a bright impact on our business teams. This year, she is striving to make business as fun and efficient as possible.


Build Systems Lead (BSL):

The BSL is the overall leader of the build sub teams. They ensure that all build aspects of the robot are kept on schedule, and that all of the safety procedures are followed to reduce the risk of student injury. The BSL is also responsible for creating and maintaining a build budget and the Gantt chart so that build team members can have everything they need and know what needs to be done.

Our current BSL is Megan, a senior at our host school who has been with FIRST for 4 years and the Power Hawks for 3 years. She started her career in FIRST on an all-girls FTC® team and over the next 3 years, she rose through the ranks of the Power Hawks from a member of controls, to Controls Systems Manager, and then to her current position as the BSL. After she graduates, she plans on attending Duke University majoring in computer and electrical engineering.

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