2017-18 Build Season Blog Post 1 - Mid Season Update

Hi Power Hawks supporters! I'm Kyle, part of fabrication, and am excited to share our current state of our robot! Currently, we have spent many days working as a team to develop three parts of the robots: A scoring mechanism, the climber, and our drive train! Every day, members of build team are excited and ready to work, taking every opportunity to play their role in building our robot. Currently, we are entering into our first "Super Weekend", a weekend where we meet daily to continue our productivity through multiple days. 

A group in Fabrication, working on the scoring mechanism, is currently working with Controls to create code that will control the mechanism; Other groups of Fabrication have also met up and communicated the attachment of two other mechanisms, the climber and the drive train. Our entire build team-- Fabrication, Controls, and Design -- are all working hard to help us to succeed in our competitions.