Build Season Blog Post 4 - Robot Send Off!

Hi fans of the Power Hawks! My name is Shannon. I am a programmer on the team and help to run our social media accounts. On the last Saturday of Build Season, the Power Hawks hold an annual robot send off where we showcase all the wonderful work we’ve done over the past six weeks. It’s an awesome event and everyone always has a great time. Getting to see Phoenix driven by the drive team and our Chairman’s team present is always a fun time, and this year was no different.

This year, we also continued a tradition from last year, making our send off day a Power Hawk holiday called Everyone Gets a Pigtail Day. Every person on our team with even a little bit of hair on their heads got a set of pigtails to sport. You could feel the joy emanating from people during the stressful time of the last few days of build season as people took a short break from working to get their hair done up by our pigtail team. It was a fun time for everyone involved, capped off with a selfie of a bunch of the team members sporting their new dos.

pigtail day.jpg